About Aubrey

When I was a child, my family and I lived in rural Vermont on a property with a small inn that was run by my parents.  While most children spent their days interacting with neighbors, I spent mine interacting with guests from across the country.  This introduction to the hospitality industry greatly shaped the person, and the florist that I am today.

Throughout the past few decades, I have worked within this industry in every possible capacity; including leading thousands of weddings, waiting tables in a multitude of different restaurants, and assisting in all aspects of event planning.  Eventually, it was my curiosity and love of flowers, that caused me to become a florist. 

The knowledge gained from these experiences has aided me greatly in my work as a florist because I understand every facet that goes into the creation and execution of an event.  From the initial concept- structured timeline-to balancing the needs and expectations of all those involved and the unexpected challenges that inevitably occur along the way; I take pride in ensuring that no matter the circumstance, the flowers provided will create the landscape for memories that will last a lifetime.

To me, flowers are a mysterious thing; so fleeting, yet in a sense transcendent.  The sight and smell of a bloom can not only create positive memories, but can cause someone to be transported in time and recall those memories for years to come.

I want each person that I work with to reflect on what is truly important to them in that moment.  My creation of an arrangement is a process of understanding what is important, where, when, and how.  Although this may sound like an artistic diatribe, it also underlines the founding principal of my company, that every facet of a client’s vision is of the utmost importance to me. 

For any questions, please contact me at  I look forward to not only working with you, but creating beautiful memories for years to come.

Marthas Vineyard
Edgartown, MA — 02539