We're also in Vermont!

We're also in Vermont!

If you’re planning a wedding or event in the Green Mountain State, I’d love to work with you! Vermont might not be synonymous with colorful crops of vibrant blooms, but there are most definitely a plethora of floral varieties on hand for a diverse selection of lush arrangements. From berry branch accents to plum-hued petals, the 4 seasons of local flora can inspire any floral palette.

Give a call to 860-514-6896 or shoot me an email at info@aubreymariadesigns.com to talk more about your event!

Holidays at the Kelley House!


We had the exciting privilege to decorate the Kelly House in Edgartown this holiday season. As one of the most iconic hotels on the island, we decide to give a ‘little’ grandeur to the entry and front facade with lush evergreen wreaths, garlands and colorful fruits. The Kelley House opened its doors in 1742 and is celebrated as one of the oldest hotels in America. As such, we decided to create a historically accurate and exotically endowed fruit façade. These fruits historically were showcased during the holiday season to display a family’s wealth. Families that could afford these exotic pineapples, pomegranates, oranges and apples would include them in garlands, wreaths and as a pediment above entries. It is a lovely tradition that gives a cold and often grey New England a little color back during the holidays.


Martha's Vineyard Magazine Jan 2018

I’m so excited that one of our lovely designs was featured in the January addition of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine. To represent their new life together, Lauren Karp and David Ginsberg crafted their chuppah using wood from their recently purchased Island property. It was accented with cascading purple blooms and a matching canopy.
Photography: Larisa Stinga I Flowers: Aubrey Maria Designs

Martha's Vineyard Weddings: Winter 2018

Martha's Vineyard Weddings: Winter 2018


Kayla & Peter


Sydney Bender

It’s no secret that on the Vineyard, August is the busiest time of year.

So when Kayla Elliott and Peter Schmidt told friends and family that they settled on a date of August 26 to become husband and wife, everyone was a little surprised.

“They kind of thought we were crazy,” said Kayla, who grew up summering on the Vineyard but now lives off-Island while in her third year at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. Peter, a speech language pathologist who works with survivors of brain injuries, has long family ties to West Tisbury.

Kayla and Peter are skillful planners, but they knew dreaming up the perfect Vineyard wedding required more than just organizational skills. “We started early,” said Kayla. The couple secured a venue, caterer, and rental company for tents, and then hired Plan It Martha’s Vineyard right after getting engaged.

“We’re still not sure whether we started too early compared to convention,” Peter said with a laugh. “But we wanted to make sure all the options were open to us.”


Starting the planning process almost a year and a half in advance allowed their guests to book hotels and travel arrangements with relative ease. “We wanted everyone to really experience the Island,” said Kayla. To do that, guests reserved rooms in Oak Bluffs, attended a rehearsal dinner at the Outermost Inn in Aquinnah, and visited West Tisbury for the wedding and reception at a private home. 

They wanted the reception to have a relaxed garden party/backyard barbecue feel, with a strong emphasis on food and music. Caterers Kitchen Porch and Smoak collaborated to present passed appetizers, a pig roast, and ribs. “The food was universally incredible,” said Kayla.


At the end of the night everyone circled back to Oak Bluffs to one of the couple’s favorite spots. “We walked from Summercamp through the Camp Ground, across Circuit Avenue to Back Door Donuts,” said Peter.

“It was really a lot of fun. Crowds of people on the street saw us and said 'congratulations,'” remembered Kayla. “That’s something that doesn’t happen year-round."

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Follow me on Instagram!

It’s no secret that Aubrey is totally obsessed with flowers. She's constantly uploading her latest arrangements, bouquets and seasonal blooms @aubreymariadesigns see an endless stream of vibrant arrangements that saturate your social screens. Not on Instagram? Then join! Or take a look at her Facebook page where she's long been posting yet another crop of carefree clusterings and novel nosegays. From Martha's Vineyard to Salt Lake City, she shares her work, inspirations and fun moments within her day.  Just received a bouquet by Aubrey? Then tag her with #aubreymariadesigns to join the fandom.

Southern New England Weddings 2017

Southern New England Weddings 2017

Feeling so grateful that my beautiful bride Kate Foster and her groom Steve Foster were featured in the newest edition of Southern New England Wedding Magazine! 
Check it out:

Welcome to Aubrey Maria Designs!

Welcome to Aubrey Maria Designs!

When I was a child, my family and I lived on property in small Inns that were located in rural Vermont and ran by my parents.  While most children spent their days interacting with neighbors, I spent mine interacting with guests from across the country.  This introduction into the Hospitality Industry greatly shaped the person, and the florist, that I am today.

Throughout the past few decades, I have worked within this industry in every possible capacity; including leading thousands of weddings, waiting tables in a multitude of different restaurants, and assisting in all aspects of event planning.  Eventually, it was my curiosity and love of flowers, that caused me to become a florist. 

The knowledge gained from these experiences has aided me greatly in my work as a florist because I understand every facet that goes into the creation and execution of an event.  From the initial concept- structured timeline-to balancing the needs and expectations of all those involved and the unexpected challenges that inevitably occur along the way; I take pride in ensuring that no matter the circumstance, the flowers provided will create the landscape for memories that will last a lifetime.

To me, flowers are a mysterious thing; so fleeting, yet in a sense transcendent.  The sight and smell of a bloom can not only create positive memories, but can cause someone to be transported in time and recall those memories for years to come.

I want each person that I work with to reflect on what is truly important to them in that moment.  My creation of an arrangement is a process of understanding what is important, where, when, and how.  Although this may sound like an artistic diatribe, it also underlines the founding principal of my company, that every facet of a client’s vision is of the utmost importance to me. 

For any questions, please contact me at info@aubreymariadesigns.com.  I look forward to not only working with you, but creating beautiful memories for years to come.